"I can do it!"

Confident. Sassy. Determined. That's you. Creative, Independent and Out Of The Box.

Not prepared to fit into society's generic 'success' models (whatever they are!) 

Sure of your own power and talents. You know you have great ideas, oodles of experience, and a heart as big as your dreams. But you don't know how to use all that gold and create a lifestyle with it that is earth-tremblingly exciting! (Well just a little shudder then ..)

                                                                 "If only I knew what 'it' was..."

I bet you already have a vision for yourself and your business, except...

It seems a miiiiighty long time coming! You've probably been binging on information products and have quite a lot of courses unfinished on your PC. You put 1000% percent into your day, your project,  your  loved ones, trying to do what seems to be all 'the right way to do things' according to your coaches or those that like to have their opinion! 


Except, none of it really thrills you sideways. None of it lights your fire and the days go by with you sometimes beginning to wonder if you landed in 'Groundhog day'! Something is missing. Out of balance. Maybe the revenue you dream of, or the body, or the adventure . You want a whole new life model which takes all of your life into account!

Doesn't it suck, watching others with the same talents as you,  knock their results out of the ball park. Frustration or fatigue can easily sap your confidence, while adventure tugs are your heartstrings.

                                                      "f*** that..."

Ok that's enough of that 'pain point' malarkey! I'm not trying to make you feel bad. I detest that approach. But it IS time STOP the silly same-old, same old treadmill that is taking you nowhere. You can get off it, right now! Now, buckle up and let's get you headed towards your own sweet Iconic Life.

                                                 "I'm ready jenni p!"
More than anything else, wouldn't you just loooove some clarity on how to leap forward in your dreams? Some OMG level clarity where everything about your life will drop into place?

Not more info but a damn light switch that stays on and you realise it's actually your north star..

                                                          "let me at it!"

Here are three things you can do immediately, that will help flip the switch for you:

1. Write a letter to yourself from your future self, the one who has already achieved everything you desire, every detail. You are rocking your iconic life, rolling with your bucket list and jiving you big boldacious vision. What advice would that future iconic self give you right now? This is a super power exercise to do as an insightful journalling meditation. You are using the quantum field of all possibilities to inform you and guide you. 


silver brush_edited_edited_edited.jpg
letter from my future self

"Darling Jenni,

There is nothing more to do.

It's all lined up for you. Stay awake!

I'm about to send you a sign...

But I'll prod you if you're not noticing :-)

Your iconic self..


2. You can begin designing your own Iconic Lifestyle right now using my Create Your Iconic Life Vision Planner. Part living vision board, part promise to yourself, this planner will bring each and every area of your life into alignment with your big dreams...

3. Come on over to my Facebook group and jump into a loving, dynamic community committed to supporting each other lead their best lives on fire!

Actually, your best way to accelarate your Iconic Lifestyle is to purchase my Vision Planner above and then head on over to my page and group here 

And if the whole concept is resonating with you and you'd like to have my personal and rapid help with creating your Iconic Life, come and book yourself a 15 minute, no pitch, Vision Call, in which we'll explore what your grand scheme is and the best way to get there.

Follow your heart. Here is the way