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An iconic life is about showing up in the world as complete awesomeness , aiming, with the heart of a hero, to live on fire, forge your mark on the world and surf your potential like a pro.


It is about you mastering the natural power you have to tap into 'flow', and create each specific detail of your ideal life.

It is about your ideals and how they actually, precisely, map out your unique, heart-led lifestyle, however you wish it to be. This is more than just goals. This is stirring the zero-calorie, quantum soup!

It's about revealing your zone of genius and implementing it for your funnest money ride!

It's about you using those three qualities as a code, to tap into your ultimate creative power as a conscious, high vibe, manifester of just about anything your beautiful mind can dream up.

Why an iconic life?

your why is the way

"Only crusaders 

will embark on the quest

to leave no stone unturned

in their vision for a life

of tremendous

grace, elegance

and impact"  Jenni P

You have THREE UNIQUE qualities in you which, when you align with them, will reveal, your
authenticity, your genius and your potential
to be, do or have anything. And it's all within you.

This is the neuroscience of manifestation. The actual biology of alignment. The chemistry of bliss.

This is your unique blueprint - TO EXPERIENCE your own, ideal, yes Iconic, Lifestyle.
And why you came to move the world forward. You know, kick butt with style. That's my style too!

Welcome to the:






'life on purpose'


Online creative, visionary life  design retreat.

Dates/times: by appointment with Jenni P

3 sessions by zoom - 2x90m 1x30m 

Investment: 369 euros or 2 pay 186 euros

What would a true crusader do to ensure a highly heroic lifestyle? Tap into his or her own natural super-


powers.  Yep you have them! Welcome to the Trinity Code™!​​ The first step of the Iconic Life Experience.

The Trinity Code™ is a powerful method of aligning you and priming you to create and receive your best


life ever. It's is your personal GPS and oracle. Once you find it, you'll have it forever.


Whatever question you may be asking about how to move forward in your life and business, your 'code' has


the answer.


For Crusader Entrepreneurs, the Trinity Code™ is a paradigm changer. Because it connects you with your

'Why', your mission and vision. Your brand stands out like a beacon to your perfect clients who are

looking for your energy, values and offerings!  

your why is the way

Online creative, visionary life  design retreat.

Dates/times: by appointment with Jenni P

3 sessions by zoom - 2x90m 1x30m 

Investment: 369 euros or 3 pay 123 euros

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Your why is the way. But Why you? Why this? Why now;

Your commitment to your own iconic lifestyle is a direct call to the quantum field of infinite possibilities.


This is opening your door to experience feeling more of the following:


Energy, fun and sparks of unleashed passion.


Relief and peace as you proclaim your inner and outer beauty.


Soft gratitude in being valued for who you truly are.


Inspiration as you express your unique creativity.


Outrageous delight in playing with money and abundance.


'In-the-flow' bliss peaks when you're expressing your zone of genius.


Big heart-swells as you learn how to make a difference in the world.


Liberating out-breaths, when you know it’s all ok.


Tender moments, that make you weep for the beauty of life.


All of these sensations add up to a holistic life  experience

of you expressing your divine truth and message in a way that is


the same energy frequency of unlimited joy and abundance.


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life on purpose makeover

Online creative, visionary life  design retreat.

Dates/times: by appointment with Jenni P

2 sessions by zoom - 2x90m 

Investment: 369 euros  -

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or 2  pay 186 euros 

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Iconic Life on Purpose Makeover