Re-creating the way women do business

so that everybody wins.

MAY 12TH 2020  -  5PM CET   -  11AM EDT  -  LIVE ON ZOOM 

The world will never be the same again.

Neither will you, your life and business.


Nobody can predict what will happen. 

But we can plan to do things differently.


To "Be The Change" we want to see, by unleashing our Genius.

To use our gifts and raise our voices

in unison.


To be the bridge from the old to the shiny new.

Where business and universal principles unite in harmony

and serve human evolution. 

For the greater good.
And for your greatest good.


It’s time for a reality check.

That is, to create a new reality.


No more pressing your nose against the window of success

and wishing you could afford it and it was in your size. 


It’s time to hitch up your Genius petticoats, put on your best coat of Greatness and begin to serve at your highest level, in Grace.


We must work together with everyones’ interests at heart.

We talk about unity and collaboration but those qualities 

must come from within first.

We do not need to wait and react to what happens,

but respond to what is, right now.

We need to re-think how we serve, speak , inspire and sell,

with the Bigger Picture in mind.


Beautiful heart-led change makers, visionaries, pioneers and compassionistas:


You are invited to a special House of Preeminence event with the executive contributors to the Magazine.


 A special live event on zoom, designed to offer you some radically new ideas

on shifting your business and life into high gear,

regardless of what the world is doing.


Each expert brings their perspective and topic to build the whole picture of you stepping up to the next level,

regardless of your market, status, circumstances.

To push your status quos aside forever.

And take your place on the world stage with heroic courage

so that you can truly participate in building the new paradigm.


You will be able to ask the contributors your most pressing questions on serving at your highest level and the lifestyle and inner transformation

that must prepare you for that.

Human Potential and Leadership legend

Marcia Martin

Copy of IMAG1056.jpg


and Female Leadership Innovater, Dawn Bates

Founder of House of Preeminence

Jenni Parker Brown

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Conscious Wealth Creation Maven,

Karen Baines

Visionary Business

and Soul Branding


Sashka Regina


Creative Biz Solutions Expert and 

Couture Milliner

Katherine Carey

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Copy of 4.jpg
Copy of NOLEEN.jpg

Natural Beauty Ambasador

Noleen Sliney

Fitness and well-ness 


Alison Stockton