You want to speak, be heard and be paid.


You want to enroll your soul clients from the stage or from your lives. Magnetise lucrative JVs.

Galvanise event organisers with your Million Dollar Keynote.

And all in a way that feels totally aligned with who you truly are.


To do that, you must be able to communicate your value

visually and verbally, in a way that will turn heads and gets more "yes!"s.

You dream of matching your influence and  impact.with your income.


You, and hundreds of thousands of other ambitious women 

on the edge of greatness, who have their hearts aflame with setting the world on fire with their message.


So it’s going to take something extra-ordinary.

You already have these qualities within you:

Gorgeousness, Greatness. Genius. 

A trinity of qualities which will elevate you from the current, fiercely crowded market-place, and place you in a league of your own. 


Welcome to the House of Preeminence.

Where I will help speakers and presenters to align your message, your  mission and your presence so that you can design your own speaking career and Create Your own Stage.


With Influence and Enroll


With Impact and Design Your Own Speaking Career


Your Potential to Grow your Income


Sylvia Becker-Hill

Founder of Becker-Hill Women's

Empowerment School

Jenni helped me reveal how my essence could guide and inspire my life and business.

Her encouragement to express that in my style was spot on, and the radical new hairstyle she encouraged me to adopt was  the'cherry on the cake'!

Kay Welch Dotson


Jenni P is phenomenal! She has guided me gently through the most amazing process to honor my heart's desire and to find my true self. Her methods have been so valuable in showing me how to be the best that I can be. She has helped me discard old limiting beliefs and to believe in myself. My life has changed for the better and I am so grateful to Jenni for all her wisdom, knowledge and guidance.

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