Look and Feel Like A Million Dollars

So That You Can Attract Wealth and Make More Impact!

                                    You have three seconds to make an impression.

Even before you get to talk about your beautiful vision for making the world a better place.

The person before you has already made up their mind if they like you or not.

How? By your image and your energy.

                                                  Three. Seconds.

To conquer any doubts. To conquer the moment. To conquer an opportunity.

What is your most powerful tool to do that?    Your image and your energy.

Your image is the ‘outside’ of your ‘inside’ and it speak volumes.

Does your image and energy feel aligned with your exquisite, highest self?

Do you long for the world to NOTICE how damn amazing your stuff is?

Maybe you have great energy but secretly cringe when you watch yourself on video.

Or you may LOOK dazzling, but your energy doesn’t say ‘Badass Visionary Rocking it’.

And you may be wondering how to change the 'meeeehh' in the mirror to mesmerising.


Welcome my beautiful ones. I am Jenni P, curator of Your Aligned Style, and catalyst of your best life ever!

I'm viscerally attached to your dreams! And it is my passion and joy to help you reveal your secret weapon

to realising them! YOUR IMAGE and your Aligned Style™. This is not just about colour palettes and body

shape, lovely. This is not just about fashion, trends, fitting in, belonging to a 'set'. This is about launching

yourself on the quantum adventure (yes quantum!!) of making sure your beautiful soul shines in your beautiful

body. And that what you stand for will magnetise the right people, opportunities, and abundance in all its forms!


There are three elements to owning an image that is

aligned with who you truly are, and what you truly want:

Your STYLE, your ENERGY and your LIFE PURPOSE;

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I help ambitious women changemakers makeover their image, message, style and energy, so that they can speak, spellbind and sell 

with sass, ease and confidence! 


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Aligned Style™ Makeover...

Dress Your Message™ Essentials
Dress Your Message™ Essentials

Personalised MAKEOVER Home Study Group or Private

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Your Aligned Style™ VIP
Your Aligned Style™ VIP

From top to toe, inside and out, body mind soul, message and wardrobe! The ultimate self love makeover

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Dress Your Message™ Elite
Dress Your Message™ Elite

Speak, Spellbind, Sell. Join the Influencer Generation. Luxury Private Makeover in France

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SylviaBH (1).jpg

"Jenni helped me reveal how my essence could guide and inspire my life and business.

Her encouragement to express that in my style was spot on, and the radical new hairstyle she encouraged me to adopt was  the'cherry on the cake'! "

Sylvia Becker-Hill -

Founder of Becker-Hill Women's Empowerment School

the c"


As featured in:

Season 1 and 2 of the blockbuster, branding TV Reality show,




"Jenni P is phenomenal! She has guided me gently through the most amazing process to honor my heart's desire and to find my true self. Her methods have been so valuable in showing me how to be the best that I can be. She has helped me discard old limiting beliefs and to believe in myself. My life has changed for the better and I am so grateful to Jenni for all her wisdom, knowledge and guidance." Kay Welch Dotson, Texas
I've had the pleasure of working with Jenni for around 9 years. Her wisdom and clarity has helped me go from "Dreaming my incredible dream" to actually "Living my incredible dream life!" Jenni's perspective is sage like, clear, balanced and harmonious. Always for the greater good, the highest level of grace and coming from love. Jenni's techniques are now my go-to references when I need to adjust along the way. They are rock solid in their clarity and ability to bring me back to my core vision and get me back onto my path. I will always be ever grateful for Jenni P Parker Brown. What a difference she made in my life. Katherine Carey
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