How to use your image and style

to confidently attract and convert

the perfect clients! 

When you connect with a new prospect or potential collaborator, you have 3 seconds to make an impression.

Even before you get to talk about your beautiful vision, your awesome services, the person before you has already made up their mind if they are going to like you or not.
By your image and your energy.   Three. Seconds.
To conquer any doubts. To conquer the moment. To conquer an opportunity.

What is your most powerful tool to do that? 

Your image and your energy.
They are the ‘outside’ of your ‘inside’ and they speak volumes.
You may have a great energy and secretly feel that you look like a heap.
You may look dazzling but your energy doesn’t say ‘Badass Visionary Rocking it’.
You may have a killer message, but if your image doesn't match the value of your solutions, you are losing sales!

Over three masterclasses, I will break down for you the art and science of Aligned Style™, that is you presenting yourself at your highest level!

What you will take away from this masterclass:


  • Why it is vital in this saturated online world to stand out from your competition!


  • How just turning up for your lives in your daily joggers or PJs will harm your reputation as an expert!


  • How to turn just being 'visible' to being unforgettable!

  • My top tips and secrets for looking like a million dollar entrepreneur!

  • The number one dressing ritual you must do daily to magentise clients!

Jenni P HOP Masterclass.jpg

Begin 2020 by

upgrading your Image

and style  

to Match Your Goals

                        and Dreams!

3 days, 3 classes, 1 worksheet, Q and A...

for the no brainer investment of   9 euros!

No upsell, no catch. Pure value!


I knew this wasn't only about changing my wardrobe, but a lot deeper, and the experience has been just that: deep, powerful and lasting! Jenni was able to capture my entire essence when I still couldn't see it.


Not only have I received amazing reactions from everyone around me, near and far, but I can see myself with different eyes now and the effect is still growing.

Any woman that wants to fully explore her potential in bringing her essence to the light and become visible and feel great about it, should have a chat with Jenni! Thank you, beautiful lady!

Julia Dias , Portugal