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The Astonishing Power of Gratitude

Priming Yourself For The New Paradigm

Premium features: Natalie Ledwell, Spryte Loriano, Runa Magnus, Mark Stephen Pooler, Sammy Blindell, Doctor Voice

Key content:

Manifestion 101
The Power of Essential Oils
Living Out Of The Box
The OneDrop Movement
The Phenomenal Power of Your Voice
Wealth Through Wellness
High Frequency Living
Dress Your Message
Quantum Life LeapsPlus fall recipes, lockdown beauty tips and more



Love, Leadership and Leverage
Thriving in Uncertain Times

Premium Features: Sami Wunder, Dr Marcy Cole, Andrew Eggleton, Sandra Biskind, Michelle Patterson

Key content:


Finding Lasting Love You're a High Achieving Woman

Living A High Vibe Day

Love Is The Code For Abundance

How To Be A World Class Presenter

Colours In Your Style and Branding

Fall In Love With Selling

Fabulous On A Plate


Premium Features: Fabienne Fredrickson, Dame Doria Cordova, Success Salon and Spa

Key content:


Building An Empire With Love

The Power Of Archetypes In Your Client Attraction

How Beauty Can Raise Your Vibe and Attract Your Tribe

Becoming A Best-selling Author - It's All About The Journey

The Office Du Jour

The Importance Of Gut Health

How To Take A Retreat Without Even Packing

Money And You



Holistic Success

Aligning Mind, Body, Soul and Money


Premium Features: Ungenita PrevostHillary RaimoAloise Surfleet Middleton

Key content:

B for Boundaries

Unleash Your Genius Business

Creating a Holistic Spa Experience At Home

Athleisurewear - The New Suit

Vibrant Balanced Health


The Big Big Dream Re-boot


Premium Features: Lynn Twist, Juliette Stapleton

Key content:

Dress Your Message

Style Classics For Super Achievers

D Is for Dreams And Dharma


Pattern Interrupt


Premium Features: Marcia Martin, Dina Behrman

Key content:

Goals Versus Reality How To Look Polished When You're A Total Beginner

How To Use PR To SteP Into Your Power As A High Level Expert

Dressing For Million Dollar Deals

The Stages Of Consciousness

11 Ways To Stay Open In A Closed Market

Thinking Outside The Box



House of Preeminence is based on 9 High-Performance Principles, adapted for the modern, femme mogul-in-the-making.


When used in your visions, goals, planning, rituals and habits, the 9 Principles have the power to grow your influence, impact and income exponentially.


We bring you proven tips, tools and techniques that have been the catalyst for some of the world's wealthiest and most iconic leaders.

In this crazy online world, we have got your back! Preeminently!


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