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Hi! I'm Jenni P! Schedule your FREE Dress Your Message Discovery Call here.

Jenni P

& The Greatness Codes

Jenni is a 'Quantum Brand’ Maven and Feminine Achievement Philosopher

who enables her clients

to align their mission, their message and their magnetic momentum

so that they magnetise the ideal, high paying clients and dreams

as fast and effortlessly

as it takes to say...

"You had me at "Hello!"...

Pampas Grass

with Jenni

Thank you is not strong enough to portray the deep love and gratitude I have for Jenni. She is indeed a preeminent dream changer.  "The evolution of Debbie Debonaire HeartACT™ Approach. A transformation of me and my life that I never thought possible. With your guidance and support, Jenni I have stepped into the Woman I always wanted to be and the journey continues with your fabulous creation of the House of Preeminence.

“Jenni is a true modern-day Visionary!  She positively radiates growth and transformation, and her passion to help women leaders grow and expand their own outreach is nonpareil.  Jenni's powerful, life-changing Trinity Code process has provided me with a unique, soul-based blueprint for bringing my Higher Self forward into everything I do, every interaction I have, and everything I create in my business and my life. Once my Trinity Code was in place, all other aspects of expanding my business and living a life of impact and abundance fell into place too.

KIP CLARKE founder of Feminine Impact Alchemy

Jenni has become my go-to advisor for all things business and branding. If you’re looking for a way to reclaim your feminine energy and build a lifestyle that’s soul-driven and on-purpose, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been an entrepreneur for over two decades, and I’ve never felt more clear in direction. If you want to transform your life, I strongly suggest you follow Jenni’s advice as I do.”


Founder of GorgeousWellth

The Trinity Code is a guiding light for EVERYTHING!  Whatever shows up in my life, or any new idea that emerges, I have a trusted way to discern if it's aligned with my Trinity Code. I know what to say "yes" to, and I know what's not for me. Today I walk with courage and faith deeply rooted inside me. It's a faith in me, myself and I. It's a faith in my Trinity Code. It's a faith in Jenni and all things Preeminent. 


I am the Mistress of Bliss.

Julie Palmer - Retreat Goddess

Today, I was not expecting to have a mind-blowing, edge-of-my-seat conversation, that spoke to greatness within me, that has been bursting to express itself, in ways that go beyond all the social media norms and buzzwords. I am now examining on a deeper level how I show up for myself. Thank you Jenni, 

Caroline, Designer, London




Founder of the highly-acclaimed  Preeminence Feminine High Performance magazine, Jenni Parker Brown is a maverick multi-potentialite and thought leader. Her careers range from fashion-retailing, performing arts, fitness instructor, equestrian cabaret artist, award-winning gastronomy chef, published author, style and image consultant and visionary magazine editor. 


True to the New Renaissance that is happening in our time, Jenni has brought her multi-facted skills to innovate an aesthetic and holistic new approach to success and personal fulfilment through enlightened collaboration with leaders who epitomise harmony of science and spirituality in their service to the world.

Her mission and passion is to ‘Raise the bar on transformation by bringing the qualities of beauty, grace and heart to help humanity rise’.


Jenni’s work is backed up by neuroscience, quantum physics, a passion for well-being and fulfilment and a mission to reveal to as many people as she can reach, the magic of basing their life on their genius and super-powers. 

Her current mission is to showcase change-makers and give them the message, brand, platform and position on the world stage that their work deserves.

Holy Money Magic Miracle Maker!! Love love love and so much gratitude to you. Damn woman you are wise and you are a world changer in every possible way!


Anjel B Hartwell, author, thought leader, founder of Wickedly Smart Women



I've had the pleasure of working with Jenni for around 9 years. Her wisdom and clarity has helped me go from "Dreaming my incredible dream" to actually "Living my incredible dream life!" 

Katherine Carey  Haute Couture Miliner NYC

I get choked up just thinking about what my life USED to be like. Thanks to you, I will NEVER go back there again. Yes, changes are mandatory and can be awe-inspiring!! Thank you for my Trinity Code.


Kay Welch Dotson Eco Artist , Texas

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