with the WINTER solstice!


 “If you're not making as much money as you'd like, then you're holding onto some negative beliefs about yourself and how much money you're capable of flowing. 

How many times have you read or been told that if you’re not earning the amount of

money you desire, that you’re blocking it somehow?

Or that your self-worth is shaky?

Or that you have some subconscious limiting beliefs around it.

Does that ever sound annoying to you?

Like you're missing some secret that other people seem to have sussed!

The trick here is to know what you’re believing, both consciously and unconsciously!

It is very hard to know if we have limiting beliefs or where they are lodged in the


mind and body. But it is crucial to winkle out that stuck-ness and improve our


ability to earn, attract and receive, that is, to experience 'Money Well-Being'.

        Our inner state and energy will always reflect our outer state and vice versa!

So it is vital to find the peace, ease and freedom we think we will obtain when we


have more money, in advance of us seeing it! How do we do that? By raising our


money vibe, our whole energy surrounding abundance.

That is, through The Art of Money Well-Being, of operating from a 'vibe' of,


“All is well, always. And in all ways."

Within a private, sharing and supporting space on Facebook for 3 weeks, I invite

you to join me for a bootcamp style 'makeover' so that you can really rock your


income aspirations for 2018! In the last round, September 2018, our group collectively


manifested more than $16,000 of cash, gifts and opportunities!



Jenni P is phenomenal. She has helped me discard old limiting beliefs and to believe in myself

and my money worth. My life has changed for the better and I am so grateful to Jenni for all her wisdom, knowledge and guidance. Kay Dotson, Texas

Winter Solstice is a high-energy time of growth in nature. We are going to be


tapping into nature's own powers of abundance!

Through money belief detoxing exercises, worksheets, the latest leading-edge


consciousness tools, live tutorials, earth magic ritual, meditation and dance, we are


going to truly rejuvenate and invigorate our money vibe!

Here's just a few things that be able to take away:

  • 'Ask and you will receive'. You may have read this a thousand times. Find out how you must receive before you ask and what asking really means!

  • Understand what may be blocking your flow of money - open to a new perspective on money, the one that will thrill you not kill you! 

  • No longer feel that you're struggling with any money challenge 'alone'.

  • Eradicate the worst dreaded habits that keep you under-achieving!

  • Tone up your capacity to imagine and feel what you want- know that the worst thing that could happen to you might actually the best! 

  • Learn to manage your emotions and mindset so that is serves you!


Probably not you if you're on 6 figures already!

But for those starting out on the entrepreneurial pathway or wanting to refresh their manifesting skills.

For you, if you have a good basic handle on understanding how the law of attraction works intellectually, but haven't seen great results yet.

Jenni P comes highly recommended, and if you're thinking about working with her, I say TAKE THE LEAP and embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery with her!!!  During Money Vibe makeover, I raised my  prices, manifested cash, gifts and opportunities and  healed my money vibe!

Thanks again Jenni for this wonderful, on-going experience! Francesca Littman, Holland


I'll let you into a secret. I often get frustrated that the most powerful traininis out of reach of the people who most need it! I've studied with some powerful consciousness and abundance leaders and I am inspired by their generosity to share.

So, I've made this a no brainer investment:

Three weeks of daily, leading edge training is just $99 and you get to bring a friend for free (or share the cost!) How does it get any better than that?


"Jenni P can get you headed towards your visions and money goals! She has the tools in her belt and the wisdom to know what works. She's my go-to guide for all my adventures! Katherine Carey, New York

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