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On a scale of 1 to 10…

How frustrated are you, when you see so many other women entrepreneurs with gleaming


smiles and gleaming influence, raking in the success? Come on let your inner amazon out!


Knowing deep down, that you really do have the skills and grit to ‘make it big’. 


Devoted, bright  your heroic heart beats to the drum of ‘making a difference’.

A mission-led people helper with skills and ambition to match your passion.


But something is not working. The market is saturated and competition for people’s

attention has never been harder. Fact - only 50% of coaches ever make even a decent living. And only 3% of women entrepreneurs get to 6 figures.


Somewhere there is a dis-connect, for which you compensate by working harder than you should for all your years of experience. The rewards are coming slowly but they do not reflect the results your highest self knows you’re worthy of.   

Hold on hero!I have wonderful news for you! 

One of the biggest problems heart-centered entrepreneurs face is that they approach


building a business purely from a strategic and left brained approach.


Taking course after course or trying to master techie stuff and social media and every shiny


new thing out there,  to try and compensate for results that don’t match your hopes and




The problem is you are simply not aligned

with the success you dream of.

You’re going about it the wrong way around. Striving and struggling to achieve results will


achieve just that more strife and struggle.

You see, there is a fundamental principle in the universe AND business that goes like this:

To have more you must first ‘be more’.

To strike gold you have  by know where that gold lies in you.

Here is a key to unlocking that gold. 
Rather than leading with your title, products, services,  skills, qualifications as your brand


identity, you must lead with your genius. Make your genius your CEO.
It allows you to put yourself in a league of your own, as an expert and leader . 
It permits you to define your own message, mission and persona so that you are


communicating a totally coherent and unique service with a super high value. 
It supports you to communicate visually, verbally and energetically the value of your


offerings so that it becomes easy to enroll the perfect clients, opportunities, collaborations,


in any situation - sales calls, on stage, networking.
That key is crafted from your genius zone and unique, success blueprint, fired up in your


vision and message and branded in your feminine glory.


Like all keys, it unlocks the way and lets in the light, for you and all those who follow you as


a leader. You want to lead, but with a legacy and luxury.


This is  you becoming:  A Preeminent Leader. In a class of your own.

The key is already in you! It lies in everything that makes you joyful and in your flow.


This is what it will take: that you line up your life with the success you so desire. 

I would love to share how effortless and what an amazing adventure that can be..


Curious? Open? 

Let’s talk! 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. And as a gift for connecting, you will receive my Aligned Style Quickstart Guide FREE!

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