How To Keep In High Vibe For Your Perfect Day

How To Keep In High Vibe For Your Perfect Day

You wake up. (That’s a given) You have two choices:

1. You immediately start running your itinerary through your groggy mind, mentally multi-tasking in advance, as you brush your teeth, feed the cat, and microwave yesterday’s coffee for lack of time. Or some other version of a rushed wake-up where you begin the day on auto-pilot, probably forgetting something as you rush out the door in the wrong shoes. Or,

2. You religiously take the time in the morning to run through a whole set of mindfulness rituals, gratitude journal, intentions, breath work, yoga, wealth mantras, a run or work-out, mindful clothes selecting, preparing green smoothies for lunch. And sail out the door blowing a ‘You are freaking awesome’ kiss to your self as you approve of your reflection in the mirror.

Well I admit, these are extremes and we may zig-zag between the two of them according to our discipline, or lack of it.

But to achieve our perfect results day, we all know we need to keep our energy levels bouncing off the ceiling with excitement and anticipation, and with focused, inspired productivity. Preparing the day and maintaining a High Vibe Attitude is Not. An Option. It’s a necessity if you want to rock the achievement of your most beautiful business lifestyle.

A high vibrational attitude is like a mind tattoo. It can stamp a picture of your own success into your thoughts so deeply, you are rarely swayed off your mood of sassy exaltation. This will make you irresistible attractive to clients and colleagues (and probably everyone else too).

It is not enough to be thinking the right thoughts according to the jaded idea of ‘master your mindset’. Your whole being needs to be resonating at ‘Crush It FM’.

Now what happens if you can’t maintain that ideal? Is it possible to stay in a high vibration all the time?

No. ( I can hear you sigh with relief). But there is a proportion of the day that we must maintain in the state of energy that primes us for our success. It is said that we must remain in this kind of mood and frequency for at least 50% of our day. In order to be at our most productive, and be able to wield our naturally magnetic, creative powers in attracting our desired outcomes, we must be able to ‘measure’ our attitude and default mood daily! Just give yourself an out of 5 score, for how many hours of the day you can stay in an emotion and attitude of joy and excitement? Interesting huh?

Do you know people who radiate fabulous-ness, achieve incredible sales, pull off bad-ass projects, seem to magic up sizzling opportunities when they spend much of the day in a funk or a whinge, or an air of resigned victim-hood? Nope, me neither.

When I have asked my clients the question of what proportion of the day they are able to stay in High Vibe, (I am talking about brilliant, talented, wise, creative, conscious people like you!!!) they generally give me a 35 – 40% proportion. You see it isn’t just about ‘staying positive’. It is about ‘embodying’ your success before you see it!

Is it reasonable to believe we can learn to manage this energy and use it to our advantage in our missions and visions? Not only reasonable, but we ‘Heck Yeah! MUST commit to it!

A High Vibe Attitude is not an esoteric ideal of achieving monk-like zen. It is Quantum Physics at the service of your bad-assery. And it is completely ‘entangled’ with your whole life, well-being and career.

So what if you are having a ‘Just. Not. Feeling. It’ kind of day? What if you started the day in a version 1 Wake Up? And it isn’t getting any better.

Well, we can select from any one of the following activities which are guaranteed to raise our vibe:

Go to a party Dancing or any aerobic sport Doing what we love most in the world Meditation Sleep Hugging Sharing with girl friends Making love Making sales Laughing a big belly laugh Watching a breath-taking sunrise Helping an old lady Cuddling our pets Listening to an uplifting piece of music

This list is far from exhaustible but of course, there is a draw back. It’s not always convenient.

We have to get there in stages:

Step 1 Acknowledgement. Surrender is a sweet saviour of bad days. Allowing yourself to be tuning into ‘This Sucks’ FM and to stop feeling guilty about it is the turn around. My favourite expression (that I made up :-) is ‘Awareness is Awesomeness’. To acknowledge, is to be empowered, and that inevitably leads to:

Step 2 Relief. Relief is the pivot point. Your heart is already no longer in your booties – you’re already feeling a little lighter (vibe rising!)

Step 3 Gratitude. Right now, wherever you are, have a gratitude moment. Count 10 things immediately that you are grateful for. The emotion of thankfulness releases dopamine in your body. It’s an instant boost and that means you are on the rise!

Step 4 Enthusiasm. With a shot of natural dope in your system, you should be feeling more alert and upbeat. Ready to re-focus. So set yourself a mini intention for the rest of the day and look for the evidence of it occurring.

Step 5 Excitement. In imagining that intention, you will probably have experienced a little quaver of excitement. Even a mini one will have you back in a High Vibe instantly! High Vibes tend to like themselves so much, they re-produce. Give yourself a pat on the back and a piece of chocolate. Or three.

Step 6 Passion. If you can sustain this mood, and maybe do one of the 14 things in the list, (A good laugh? A hug, even it’s just hugging yourself?) and re-focus on your bigger desires, goals, dreams and visions (day-dreaming is prayer!) you may hopefully be able to access O joy of joys, some passion. A swelling heart, some wit, humour, and an ardent commitment for your own well-being and success, will help.

Step 7 Peace, calm, joy and grace are the most powerful emotions in the whole damn universe. This is the Highest Vibe of all. It’s the one in which you couldn’t give a hustle and grind about anything except your own state of being, and that is when you are on ‘Crush-it FM’ and the myriads of wonderful things that can happen in a day, are looking your way because you have ‘Pick Me’ written all over you.

As with everything, practise makes perfect. And you even get to choose again HOW you wake up tomorrow. That’s a given. Find your very own High Vibe version of starting the day and watch your 50% climb into 60%, 70% and higher. Women entrepreneurs are like yeast, they are made to rise.

And, in High Vibe, we set the world alight. Go girls!

‘7 Steps to Grace’ is an extract from The Trinity Code™ Life Survival Kit, by Jenni Parker Brown Jenni P is founder of The Trinity Code™ Collective and Keep in High Vibe Blogzine. Guest contributor to EmpiHER™ magazine and Mindset Mentor on Fix My Brand With Ali Craig™ TV reality show.