Magnetic you!

What to wear to attract what you want!

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are always emitting signals that other people pick up on. In our dress, our behaviour, our posture and even subtle invisible signals from our head and our heart. Of course, the head and heart signals can be felt tangibly by other people. We all know what it's like to be around someone with a negative energy, or who is really so down, they threaten to plunge you with them.

And dress code accentuates the messages that we emit so it is in our interests to give attention to every signal we are putting out there, in order to draw to us the situations, people that are to our advantage.

I was taught that to take care with our dress is to honour others, so all of my life, I have been attention to my style, my daily dress, my hair and makeup. I must have had some success because, I've attracted the right people for the right life lessons, and also those in line with my dreams.

So there is a bit of an art and a skill in that, but there are some general guidelines:

1. Dress Your Soul

Your soul is The Boss-lady.

Your life blueprint, purpose, direction, personality, temperament all come from your soul. Your soul has a high vision for you, an amazing adventurous journey to your greatness. So dress for your heroine's journey! Dress your inner icon, your inner goddess, your star-spangled diva self.

2. Dress to attract your clients and opportunities.

Sloppy does not cut it. Being sloppy or unkempt in business will repel the things and people you desire in your life. I recently attended a woman's event where one of the most successful women turned up as if she had rolled out of bed. Hair all over the place, no makeup and slightly smelly! Needless to say she was not attracting that much attention!

So commit to exquisite self care. Every day. In every way.

Find your personal style - the one that suits your colouring, temperament and body shape.

Be NOT a slave to fashion!!!!!! Find your individuality and give it colour and form.

There are many online courses to find your personal style and gazillions of you-tube vids to get ideas on style, hair and make-up. One of my favourite is Dressing Your Truth by Carol Tuttle, a home-study program that allows you to re-invent your style. It is great!

3. Dress as the woman you are becoming.

This third point underlines the first two but there is another important aspect here; this technique brings awareness to your dressing and increases your skills of manifestation.

One of the most powerful things we can do to attract our desires and dreams is to act from them, rather than trying to get to them.

The idea (which I talk about in my programs) is to live as if our goals had already happened.

It's a popular technique in Law of Attraction circles (where people are usually focused on attracting tangible objects, but it totally works for helping our magnetic powers in a business context too.

Without blowing your credit card on designer label clothes that your funds may not be able to cover yet, begin to imagine how you want your lifestyle to look when you reach a certain level of success. Are you travelling? Speaking on stage? Coaching from remote mountain tops? Maybe you're visualising working from home in yoga pants with a full VA team, maybe you are in collaboration with some industry influencers.

Whatever your visions, dress as if they have already happened.

Get the attitude and style of your 'you' in one year's time, or even three months down the line.

That's the true meaning of 'dressing for success'.

Dress your soul-driven, successful heroine every day and watch your magnetic powers become irresistible.