Naturally Abundant - Why, Scarcity, Loss And Failure Are Really Opportunities in Disguise

Nature is such a great metaphor for the path to wealth. This may sound cheesy but it's true!

What's more it isn't even a metaphor any more. In our 'so within-so without' universe, emulating nature is a smart business move.

Abundance and bounty are everywhere. In the natural world, there are riches beyond the imagination in the corner of the earth.

But so are change and disruption - those powerful cycles, times of tempest, times of drought. Floods, ice ages where no growth is possible. Ravages of fiery purification where abundance is scorched into the land.

Nearly all of us experience these cycles sometime in our lives. As entrepreneurs, we plant seeds and reap great harvests. Some years it seems nothing can stop the flow of bounty. Others times there are lean years where resources seem limited and we anxiously strive to grow our 'crops' once again.

And then, there are those truly challenging times when crisis hits and we wonder if the sun will ever shine again on our money trees. But unlike nature which is self-regulating, self-healing and naturally renewing, our own money cycles are mostly to do with our internal 'landscape', our thoughts, beliefs, our energetic vibe.

Most folks believe that 'Feast or Famine' is a sign of the times, of the markets, the economy, the ambient financial environment. But, the new, conscious entrepreneur is not like most folks. We know that we control our own money 'weather', that we must continually plant seeds, protect our crops and that it is up to us to make hay while the sun shines!

Which is why it sucks when a 'natural disaster' strikes. In spite of our most diligent and skilled financial 'cultivation', occasionally crisis hits. It could be in the way of changing technology that alters the way we can bring money in, or volatile marketing trends. It could be a disruption with a partner, boss or colleague, or simply that there are so many people selling our own specialised crop, (or even giving it away) that that no-one wants to buy it any more because they can just pick it off the side of the road. (Freebie downloads, YouTube and Google!!)

That's when we go back into 'survival' mode. That's when we may panic and start to be obsesses with everything we haven't got and spend an inordinate amount of time worrying how we'll make it through the month, attract clients and if our garden will ever grow again.

At that point we have two choices. Weep, wail and wring our hands in angst, or take a biiiiiig breath, adapt and take one huge quantum leap forward. Remember, that after earth has been ravished by fire or drought, that nature has a miraculous way of adapting. But not just by coming back as before. By evolving a myriad of more vigorous and adapting varieties of flora and fauna that never existed before and that strengthen the landscape and the natural local biosphere. Adversity and scarcity is a perfect opportunity for exponential growth!

Disney, Ford, Gates, Jobs and a whole other impressive list of biz icons who overcame mega-massive financial failures are the equivalent of nature's miraculous tenacity. Even money icons like T Harv Ecker failed and struggled repeatedly before his now legendary new money systems worked for him. During her 2009 Monsters Ball tour, Lady Gaga was technically bankrupt. She had $3 million (£2.3 million) dollars to her name, and she threw it all into creating the stage. She recounted, "I remember I went home and I was with my dad and he said, 'I don't understand. Bad Romance is out. You are all over the radio. Everyone is talking about you and you don't have a pot to p*ss in" She replied, 'Just let me do this. Let me just put it on the stage because I think if I can do this I can get Arthur Fogel's attention.' And I did."After the show, Fogel and Live Nation wrote Gaga a $40 million (£30.6 million) cheque.

How can we use nature's example and make quantum leaps? First by knowing that losing everything, is not a disaster. It is a universal intelligence-given opportunity to start over stronger, fitter, smarter, and here's the thing, FEARLESS. It's a fabulous opportunity to think outside the box, innovate, upscale and magnify your aspirations and make a spectacular natural comeback! Once you've lost everything, there is nothing left to lose.

I know! Having had 3 husbands (yes 3) who've been through bankruptcy, I'm familiar now with the dynamics of failure, from every conceivable angle. And in 2016 when 'natural disaster' hit my successful bricks and mortar business, and we lost everything, house and biz, fortunately I was more than psychologically and emotionally prepared for it and kicked ass to create a new life fast! One that is bigger, more abundant, more potentially world changing and more lush than I could have ever imagined before. And you know what? I am soooo very grateful every day for those past experiences. Now my life has turned around 180 degrees thanks to my formidable manifesting skills, I have had the blessed opportunity to examine that scorched financial landscape under a microscope and see the miracles budding through. How does that look?

1. Examining my deepest, long-standing subconscious beliefs (poisonous weeds) about money and winkling them out as imposters, frauds and liars.

2. Learning to know and understand the REAL true nature of abundance and how it reflects our consciousness. Wealth is like nature, it is our birthright and our truth if we allow it to be. Allowing begins by 'being'. Being comes before doing and having.

3. Bringing into the light, old wounds of self-condemnation (like weak seedlings) and replacing them with natural confidence, feisty self preservation, and devotion to our revealing our genius to the world.

4. Ruthlessly digging over non serving habits and reflexes that were embedded at a cellular level and using clear, mindful practice to install new ones that are in line with my aspirations. (Miraculous new growth!)

5.Devotion to mastering the dynamics of 'infinite possibilities', of replacing control with creativity. (Innovation!)

6. Healing all judgement and erroneous definitions of money and worth.

7. Integrating what it truly takes to be fearless and to delight in my powers as smart manifestor. (Contemplating a brand new species of 'money tree' that never existed before!)

To do the work at this level is to make your money-landscape vigorous and alive. It also confirms your energy around money, your money vibe, to be expansive and invincible. To aim high from a place of trust, confidence and gratitude, whilst taking inspired, mindful action with sustained excitement, and loving devotion is to truly open to Money Well-Being.

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