Your Genius, Messaging and Positioning are the key

to creating a Million Dollar Keynote.

Let’s face it there are thousands more speakers than there are speaking opportunities. Your message MUST be gilded with genius for it to gild you with gold!


Everbody is telling you that the gold is in your story. Everyone has become a story teller!  But stories are only effective if they convey something that touches the emotions of your audience in a way that they can learn from it . This is  Your Message!

Your message is actually found in your Genius Zone. It is what will set you apart from being another under-paid, under-noticed speaker trainer or practitioner who does not know how to convey the value of working with her. And so doesn't even get noticed for gigs and opportunites because she is invisible, silent and ineffective.

Your message is your permission to print gold.

When you lead with a message that emanates from your  brilliance and resembles no-one elses in the world, you will be able to design your own speaking career and

Create Your Own Stage.


Using your genius allows you to communicate, visually and verbally, the value of your offers. To event organisers, prspective  JV partners, and clients.

Best of all, that genius will help your confidence, your conviction, your delivery, your conversions!



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