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Badass Visionary Women Entrepreneurs

who are ready to feel

utterly gorgeous 

shining as brightly

as your message

and mission.

Sound like you?

  • Ramp up your power, potency and prosperity through matching your 'outside' (your image, style and energy)with your awesome highest potential 'inside'! (Your vision and dreams)


  • Accelerate your goals through Aligning Your Style™ with your Visonary Image Archetype so you become expert at Dressing Your Message!


  • Own and dress your unique natural charms and use them to ATTRACT your ideal soul clients, opportunities, grow your tribe and master (or rather mistress!) your social media presence with your charisma and confidence.


  • Finally feel good about your body, style and image and inspired to show up as your most fab self daily.

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With a pre-session worksheet, you will start your own mini-retreat with an honest mirror self-analysis. You'll send me this plus head to toe photos before we work together.


Out with the old - Blend-in and Blah Detox

During our session we'll begin with an in depth analysis of what is not working for you in your energy, the way you feel about your body and image, or why you're not yet showing up as your highest self, in your life and/or business.

Why Dressing Your Message is your most powerful manifestation tool!


In with the new - Style and Conquer Archetype Reading and Natural Charms Analysis


You will discover your own 3 Visionary Image Archetypes and how you can embody and dress them, to create a unique style that is quintessentially you.

A style that will harmonise with, and strengthen, your personal brand, a style that will raise your vibe and enable you to feel utterly confident in your natural gorgeous beauty. I will show you how to translate those archetypes into your image, life and branding.


We will establish your Style Essentials Profile with your Natural Charms Colour Palette so that you know the best colours to wear for your skin, hair, eyes and type.

You'll know what colours and styles to avoid, so that buying mistakes are a thing of the past.

You'll stop blending in and start to stand out! 


I'll advise you how to re-organise your wardrobe to incorporate your new style.


With a customised Aligned Style™ profile in PDF form, you'll be able to access this personalised analysis at all times.


Your Style and Conquer Bonus  

I will help you create a polished and professional 'Instant Visibility' look for your social media 'lives', client calls and times when you need to get in front of the camera looking like the super mogul you are, fast and fabulously!


How it works

Once you've voted 'yes!' to your makeover, your will select an appointment slot and I will send you the worksheet to begin. 

The Dress Your Message Essentials happens over two private 1 to 1, 60 minute calls with me on zoom.

Once we have been through each step, I will give you a personalised profile that you can use over and over.

Your Dress Your Message Essentials Investment  £699 (2 pay possible by private arrangement)

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