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Get fit and rich at the same time; is that even possible Jenni P?

You are a change-maker who knows she needs to stay fit and zen as she turns her impact into income! 


But it’s tough juggling the time-greedy demands of your business and lifestyle with keeping yourself in shape. Long screen hours, full agendas and a complex techie world that seems to get more complicated by the day, it’s no wonder that the first things that take a back seat are your fitness habits, your meditation practise and time spent tapping into your highest self desires and dreams.


Even the most successful women will neglect self care when she is already stretched with busyness and a  lot of people to look after!

Welcome gorgeous!

I’ve got your back! Or rather your feet and mind!

Wealth WalkOut Collection!  

A musical guided walking and visualisation meditation that is designed to prime your neuro-pathways with wealth consciousness, while you burn calories! 


If you’re ready for an easy way to get your exercise, meditation, intention setting and mindset training all at once in 30 minutes a day, then this is for you!


Woman Walking in the Field

Listen up to one of the best-kept workout secrets!


If you perform 20 mins of brisk walking, you’ll burn roughly 150 calories. But if you add guided visualisation to your financial goals to that walk, you are actually priming yourself to increase your prosperity and abundance! You’ve heard of Think and Get Rich? Well this is Walk and Get Rich!


Movement combined with visualisation and affirmations multiplies the power of your mindset work through the act of grounding it into your cells.  Movement and meditation are powerful catalysts for re-wiring your neurological pathways to habituate the body to your desired reality.

I’m sure you already know the power of affirmations. Combining movement and mindset is affirmations on steroids. When you add movement into this success work, you are changing your physiology.


You are engaging your entire nervous system with the full force of your attention, emotion, and body to induce a new state of being and instantly cultivate new beliefs.


In other words, you literally start practising in the sensations in your body, the feelings of your desired outcome.You have to repeat an affirmation many times before it becomes an effortless thought pattern. But add movement into the mix and you will become a ninja at conjuring up your desires.

The  Wealth Walk-out Collection


is my voice rythmically guiding you to tune into the vibe of your money goals!  It begins with carefully chosen music to first warm your body up while you get going,  and then have you stomping (or jogging) in time to the upbeat, funky tracks as you tap into all the sensations linked to your money desires!


You know how much music gets you ‘in the zone’ of excitement?

It stirs our positive emotions, swishes out any blues, turns the endorphin tap on, and invites your body to MOVE! So this is the ultimate multi-tasking tool for your vitality and abundance!


Do this for 30 days and watch your fitness and money results rise!


Each Wealth Walkout track is downloadable so you store it right in your smartphone!

It comes with a 30 day Habit Tracker and Vision Journal for you to keep to set your money and fitness goals, plan your wellness routines, and keep yourself accountable - the ideal companion for this scrumptious adventure into ‘Walk And Get Rich!’


Now all you have to do is to choose your favourite way of moving - slow walking, rapid walking, running or dancing! Each of the collection has it’s own mood - and it’s own magic!

All tracks are professionally mixed with high-quality music at beats per minute you can adapt your pace to.


The ‘6 Figure Walk-out’™

This 30-minute track will take you on a journey into a detailed picture of what your money goals are and guide you into the energetic vibes that correspond with achieving those goals.

My signature ‘6 Wealth Vibrations’ identifies the visions and emotions you will have, helps you conjure them up and anchor them into your neurobiology as you walk!

30 minutes. The music evolves from a zen ambiance, to a funky, dance rhythm and then back to calm. For every fitness level.


The ‘Wealth-Maker on The Run’™

track is a 20-minute, dynamic Tabata of 45 seconds running, jogging or dancing, with intervals of 15 seconds to recuperate and repeat the guided walth affirmations!


If you love a short jog in the day and you love doing affirmations, this track will make your heart sing! With upbeat, motivational music and carefully crafted affirmations to repeat out loud or in your mind. At a beats per minute rhythm that is easy to jog to, you don’t have to be a seasoned runner for this one but it will make you want to boogie!

‘Quantum -Vision Success Walk’™ 

is a steady guided walking visualisation with all your senses engaged for when you want to take a steadier pace and drop into a meditative state.


With gorgeous dreamy music, it invokes my ’6 Wealth Vibrations’ and helps you paint the details of your most desired money future and walk right into them in the vibration equal to the goals! You can bliss out in nature on this one, or do some slow body expression at home - the choice is yours! For any fitness level.


Can’t choose between them?  Love to vary your exercise routines? I’ve got you covered!

You can have the entire ‘Weath Walkout Collection’™ as a bundle and save money!

They come together with Habit Tracker, Vision Journal and a copy of the affirmations (to practise anywhere, anytime!) comes with a bonus!


Start Your Day in Alignment! High Vibe FREE ‘Highest Self Day’ 10m guided meditation to use when you’re doing your make-up or going about your morning routine! A lovely way to connect with your highest-self and the universe, and set up your ideal day together!


 Run further while you train your brain! PLUS PLUS PLUS!!!! Your 20m, ‘Wealth Maker On The Run’™ Tabata is a doubled to 45 minutes with the last half the track pure running or dancing music and subliminal wealth affirmations! 


 Each track is valued at $69 but I have extended the early bird for you to have a discounted price of $33.

 However you can have the entire collection at a retail value $207 at my special launch price:

$79 for a limited time only!

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